PKK/YPG terrorists abducted 8 civilians in Deir Ez-Zor

PKK/YPG terrorist organization, in areas close to places of clashes between this organization and Arab tribes in the province of Deir-EZ-ZOR in the east of Syria, stole 8 civilians of Arabic origin, including women.

According to information obtained from local sources, PKK/YPG terrorists installed many so-called checkpoints on the roads leading to collisions in the east of Deir Ez-Zor.

PKK/YPG terrorists detained 4 young people in the Schuhel village and 4 women in the field of hut and Meamil.

It is still unknown where the detained civilians of Arabic origin were delivered.

– clashes between Arabic tribes and PKK/YPG periodically continue

Arabic tribes experiencing pressure from the PKK/YPG terrorist organization, on September 25, after a two -week break, operations against this organization began again.

In the east of Deir ez-Zora, clashes between PKK/YPG and Arabic tribes periodically continue.

Arab tribes freed Ziyban, Taiyana and Elrabia in the eastern part of Deir ez-Zor.

from the terrorists of the village

On the other hand, the terrorist organization sent a large number of reinforcements from the districts occupied by her in Khasak and Deir ez-Zor to the line of collisions, and announced the “commandant hour” to prevent the spread of clashes to other places.

During the operations carried out on August 27-September 13, the Arab tribes cleared 33 settlements from the terrorists in the provinces of Deir Ez-Zor, Rakka and Khasak, as well as in the Münbiga area in the Aleppo province. Arabs left these villages to prevent victims among the civilian population as a result of attacks of terrorist organizations, and sat down at the negotiating table.