Political scientist Grigoryan believes that “the situation of Armenia is difficult”

Armenia’s situation is difficult, the allies do not even satisfy its minimum needs, says Arman Grigoryan, professor of political science of the University of Lihai (USA). His words are given by the Armenian media.

According to Grigoryan, you need to understand and take note of what the interests of the United States in the region of the South Caucasus are

“We should not have illusions, vain hopes that they (mean the United States) will come and protect us, sell weapons, sign an alliance with Iran against Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia. I understand, of course, that our situation is very The heavy allies that we have do not satisfy even our minimum needs. In this case, the desire to look for support and allies from another place is natural, but it is one thing to have a natural desire, another thing is to make that cold calculation and accept bitter realities that And you have to do it, ”says Grigoryan.