Political scientist Grigoryan: For West, Armenia is not of strategic value

Despite the sharp reaction of Moscow regarding the Mission of the European Union in Armenia, Russia may be interested in it, said Lihai, political scientist Arman Grigoryan, in an interview with the Armenian media,


According to the expert, “in the context of the confrontation between Russia and the EU, their relationship turned into a game with a zero sum, Moscow is zealous to the actions of the West, suspecting him of the desire to withdraw the Russian Federation from the region of the South Caucasus.”

But, despite such a reaction, Russia is also interested in the deployment of the European mission. According to Grigoryan, it is difficult for Russia to alone “restraining some actions of Azerbaijan.”

Armenian expert indicated that the EU mission is limited in its functions and it would be an exaggeration to believe that this could cause a serious blow to the strategic interests of Russia.

Grigoryan believes that if Armenia crosses out allied relations with Russia and tries to withdraw the Russian base from Gyumri in order to change strategic orientation, then, according to his assessment, it can lead to a more stringent reaction from Moscow. “The authorities of Armenia do not have a clear, consistent position or a decision. It seems that they are sitting as if they are running to Moscow signed paper, then go west and give some promises.”

He believes that for the West, “Armenia does not represent such a strategic value to go against Turkey or Azerbaijan …”

According to the Armenian political scientist, Russia will protect Armenia’s interests as much as these interests allow: “We must understand the interests of Russia, to understand what questions we can expect support from Moscow, and in which no. We must also understand if there are alternatives, And what are they dangerous. “