Positions of Armed Forces of Azerbaijan were again fired from Armenian side

Units of the Armed Forces of Armenia on Tuesday night, on June 6 subjected the territory of the Kyalbadzharsky and Gedabek regions of Azerbaijan.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported that shelling from different -caliber small arms was led from the territory of Armenia in the direction of the settlements of Lazis Kyalbadzharsky and Galand of the Gedabean districts.

The Azerbaijani Army took adequate response measures in all these areas.

In addition, members of illegal Armenian armed groups operating in the territories of Azerbaijan, where the Russian military were temporarily located, were activated. Group members attempted to establish long -term fortifications before the positions of the Azerbaijani army in the Agdam, Khojavender, Fizulinsky and Kalbadzharsky directions, the statement said.

As a result of the urgent measures taken by the units of the army of Azerbaijan, the work was immediately stopped.