Premier Estonia: In Ukraine, Putin went Va-Bank

Estonian Prime Minister Kai Kallas after direct negotiations between the heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Russian Federation believes that Moscow has no political will to the conclusion of the war. It is reported by Bloomberg.

“They want to apply as much damage as possible,” said Callas.

“It seems to me that Putin, from the point of view of poker, went Wa-Bank – he or wins, or lose. Therefore, everyone should do so that Putin has not won this war,” she stressed.

Estonia, Baltic Country, Member of the European Union and NATO, is one of the most stringent critics of Russia and its invasion. Although the United States blocked the import of Russian oil, the EU is unlikely to introduce energy embargo, said Callas.

“We need to understand that different European countries have a different energy dependence,” the premier noted on the eve of the EU two-day Summit in Versailles.

“One side:” Of course, we want to damage Putin’s military car and deprive his income, “but the other party is that our public should also support decisions,” she explained.