President Erdogan congratulated Hezeravji on successful completion of space mission

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan conducted a telephone conversation with Alper Goseravja, who completed the first spacecraft in Turkey and landed on the ground after 18 days of stay at the International Space Station (ISS).

Goseravji said that having successfully completed the first manned mission of Turkey, he returned to the point at which he was supposed to be at the end of the mission.

Having thanked the astronaut for the successful completion of the mission, President Erdogan said: “I hope that when you come to Ankara, we will meet with us personally and tell you about this process. From that moment you will have very important duties.”

To the question of the President of Erdogan “Are there any health and well-being problems?” Goseravji replied: “Everything is very good, Mr. President. Even the doctors who examined me here were surprised. They expected that the period of my adaptation would drag out, but when I immediately began to run outside the building, they were a little stunned. Everything is in order in order “.

President Erdogan said: “I hope we will have the opportunity to meet and talk about the details of your mission.”

“We completed the mission assigned to us with good results. I would like to express you a great gratitude for the fact that you presented such an inspiring mission to our country and our future generations. Thanks to you, our country has become the 22nd country that reached the ISS. Once again I express my gratitude for your decision and vision in this regard, ”said the astronaut.