President Erdogan: Türkiye will continue to contribute to maintaining stability to BIG

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with the Bosnian member of the Presidium of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIG) Denis Bechirovich, the Croatian Zhelko Komshich and Serbian Zhelko Zviyanovich. This was reported by the Office for the Relations of the Administration of the President of Turkey.

The meeting took place on the fields of the Third Diplomatic Forum in Antalya.

During the meeting, relations between Turkey and BIG, regional and global issues were discussed.

President Erdogan said that the preservation of unity, peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovin, as well as the deepening of relations between the two countries are of great importance for Turkey. According to him, Turkey will continue to increase a decisive, sincere and constructive contribution to these issues.

The steps taken to increase the volume of trade between the two countries and cooperation in all areas will continue, the president added.