President of Brazil knows how to end war in Ukraine

Brazilian President Zhair Bolsonaru said that he knows how to “resolve” the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and that he will express his proposals to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, with whom he has planned a telephone conversation next week.

“I will express my opinion that I think. The solution of this issue. I know how it can be resolved. But I will not tell anyone. The solution to this issue may be like how Argentina’s war with Great Britain ended in 1982 “” Voice of America quotes him.

The telephone conversation of Bolsonaru and Zelensky is scheduled for July 18.

In 1982, a short conflict occurred between Argentina and Great Britain due to sovereignty over the Falklned Islands in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean, known in Argentina as the Malvinsky. When the Argentinean troops in April 1982 landed on the islands controlled by Great Britain, London sent an operational unit of the Navy to return them. The poorly equipped Argentine troops had little chance, and two months later Argentina gave up.