President of Poland warned against “tired of war”

President of Poland Andrzej Duda calls on the international community not to stop the help and support of Ukraine in the fight against “Russian aggression”, and also indicated that fatigue from the war is a dangerous phenomenon that must be prevented.

“We tried and try to support Ukraine, but we also continue to call the international community, and I believe that this is my fundamentally important task. We urge not to stop this assistance and support for Ukraine,” Interfax -Ukraine quoted Duda. As part of a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum (VEF) in Davos on Wednesday.

The president emphasized the importance of further support, because if you look at the potential of the Russian Federation, as from the point of view of the economy, the number of population, as well as the size of the army and Ukraine, “it is obvious that Russia is larger than Ukraine, more in all these indicators.”

According to him, the fact that “Ukrainians are able to stop the waves of the Russian offensive for two years, that they are able to repel attacks and are even able to regain part of the occupied territories, demonstrates the incredible determination and heroism of the defenders of Ukraine and the great will to survive as nation “.

and the second, it also shows that international support allowed Ukraine to survive all the time, but it is needed all the time. And fatigue from the war we are talking about all the time is a very dangerous, very risky phenomenon, and we must Try to prevent it, ”said Polish President.

According to Duda, Poland knows well what Russian occupation and terror, and the Poles are well understood the situation of neighbors from Ukraine.