President of Romania on contribution of Azerbaijan to energy stability in Europe

“In recent years, Romania has invested significant investments in the development of gas transmission and ties with neighboring countries. Firstly, we paved a completely new transport infrastructure through Romania and completed the modernization of interconnectors with Bulgaria and Hungary,” said in his speech on February 3 In Baku at the 9th ministerial meeting as part of the advisory council on the southern gas corridor and the 1st ministerial meeting, the President of Romania Klaus Johannis was informed as part of the advisory council on green energy.

He noted that the Romanian company Transgaz Romania joined efforts with gas transmission systems in Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary for the development of a vertical corridor. The updated memorandum of mutual understanding, signed by four companies in December 2022, will allow double -destroyed gas flows between southern and central Europe through Romania, increasing the safety of supplies throughout the region.

Speaking of another important project for Romania, K. Johannis said: “It is of strategic importance for our neighbor Moldova. This is a gas pipeline connecting the Romanian gas network with the capital of Chisinau, which was commissioned in October 2021. The gas pipeline can supply enough gas to cover the annual consumption of the Moldovan Right-Bank. All these consistent efforts and large investments of Romania open serious opportunities for expanding the southern gas corridor in the direction of new markets in southeastern and central Europe. This is a win-win situation. The geography of the export of Azerbaijani gas is diversified during simultaneous strengthening of European energy security. “