President of Ukraine: United States can provide Kyiv more help to win

The United States can increase the amount of military assistance provided by Ukraine to win in conflict with the Russian Federation. This was the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with the British television channel Channel 4 News, reports European Pravda.

Speaking about the prospects for approval of additional assistance in the US Congress, the head of state said that “is not worried about congressmen or senators.”

“I met with them. When I sit with them and we have a dialogue, tete -a -atte or in a team, mostly 99.9% of cases on my side,” the president added.

to the question, whether Zelensky trusts the supports that he heard from the members of the US Congress, he replied that he “trusts the results.”

“For almost five years of the presidency, I saw everything on the one hand. But when I speak with politicians, sometimes I think that I have not seen anything … Everyone smiles, hugs, they say:” You are persistent, you are so strong, so strong. You are a real man, the leader of the free world. You saved our democracy … We could lose half the European Europe, and Russia would attack the USA, NATO countries, and we must give you everything we have. And then – as the “Stop, shot team,” the president described his impressions.

Commenting on the volume of US military assistance from Ukraine, Zelensky added: “They helped us a lot to survive. I think they can help us more to win.”