President Pase warned “leaders in Kremlin”

President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Tini Cox warned the leadership of the Russian Federation about the penalties after the last missile attacks of the Russian Federation on the civil infrastructure of Ukraine. He wrote about this on Wednesday on his Twitter, writes “European Truth”.

by Today’s Ongoing Missile Attacks on Civilian Infrastructure (Including the Maternity Ward in Vilnyansk and Polyclinic in Kupyansk) Russia Continous Its Violations of Intertian Lalatatial Lalatations of the Leaders in Kremlin, Beware – There Will Be no Impunity for these Crimes. @pace_news

– tiny kox (@pace_president) November 23, 2022

Cox noted that today Russia continues to violate international law.

“Leaders in the Kremlin, beware – these crimes will not remain unpunished,” President Pase said.

Russia on November 23 launched about 70 missiles around the territory of Ukraine, the APU General Staff reported. As specified in the department, these were cruise missiles of the X-101, X-555 and Caliber, and 51 of them were shot down by Ukrainian air defense systems. The main goal of Russian shelling again became infrastructure. Most consumers were left without electricity, water supply and heat supply were disturbed. Code residents died and suffered. Only in Kyiv 30 missiles were released, 20 – destroyed, says in the statement of the General Staff. Most of Kyiv was left without electricity and water. According to the mayor of the city of Vitaly Klitschko, three people died as a result of missile strikes.