President Taiwan: China’s invasion may take place in very near future

China’s invasion of Taiwan can happen in the very near future and this is not just words, said Taiwan President Tsay Inven, writes The Atlantic.

In the meantime, pictures appeared on the Web like the leader of China Xi Jinping, dressed in camouflage uniforms, evaluates the work of the Chinese military.

The Chairman of the PRC during the visit ordered the military to increase the combat effectiveness and strengthen the ability to “fight and win.”

He noted that the preparation of the country’s armed forces should be comprehensive. In addition, it is important to ensure the correct ideological education of soldiers and officers.

Now, See Jinping emphasized, epoch -making changes are taking place in the world. And in such a period it is necessary to “firmly protect national sovereignty, safety and interests of the development of our homeland.”

He emphasized that the military should focus all efforts on military affairs, as well as “an accelerated pace to increase the skills of troops in the waging of a victorious war.”