President TRSK: Operation in Cyprus prevented an even greater tragedy

The operation of the Turkish Armed Forces to maintain peace in Cyprus has become a turning point and brought the world of both the Turkish and Greek community of the island.

This was in an interview with the agency “Anadol” said the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRSK) Ersin Tatars.

The head of the republic recalled that the Turks-Cypriots from 1960 to 1974 were subjected to violence and persecution in Cyprus.

“Without surgery to maintain peace, the situation in Cyprus would be worse than in Crete. They would completely cleanse the island from the Turks,” Tatars said.

He noted that the regime of “Black Colonels” in Greece in order to join the island to Greece provided support for the terrorist gangs, led by Nikos Sampson, who had operated on Cyprus at that time.

“Their goal was the accession of Cyprus as the 13th island to Greece and the blockade of Turkey. They sought to turn Cyprus completely into the Greek island and use its geographical advantages in their favor, violating the rights of Turkey and Turks-Cypriots in the Eastern Mediterranean. But Their plans were torn by the operation to maintain peace conducted on July 20, 1974, ”Tatar said.

Operation to maintain peace in Cyprus “began on July 20, 1974 by the landing of air landing.

The words “Aisha goes on vacation” by the beginning of the operation. Aisha – the name of the daughter of the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Turan Gunesh.

The operation was completed on August 18, 1974 at the UN call.