Presidential Administration: Turkey will enter top five producers of fifth -generation aircraft

with the Kaan fighter, Turkey will enter the top five manufacturers of the fifth generation aircraft.

This is stated in the publication of the Directorate for the Relations of the Administration of the President of Turkey on Wednesday, February 21.

The administration reminded that the Fifth generation Turkish fighter Kaan, one of the most important technological projects of Turkey, successfully made his first flight.

“Thanks to Kaan, which will help strengthen the operational potential of our Air Force and satisfy their strategic military needs, Turkey will become one of the five countries of the world that can produce 5th generation aircraft,” follows the publication.


The Fifth -General Turkish fighter Kaan on Wednesday, February 21 successfully made his first flight.

Due to the first flight, the plane took off from the Murteda air base near Ankara and, after a short test flight, returned to the base. Piloted the combat vehicle Barbaros Demirbash.

Thanks to the integration of the new generation weapons, Kaan will be able to apply high -precision strokes at supersonic speed. And artificial intelligence systems and support for neural networks will provide an additional power to the aircraft.