Prigozhin invited Nevzorov to go to jail, then to go to Wagner later

Founder of PMC Wagner Evgeny Prigozhin invited journalist Alexander Nevzorov to return to Russia, go to jail, and then wait for him to “take him” to Wagner.

“It is better to return to Russia and get these 8 years. Go to a strict security colony for first -time, calmly sit under Peter, because in the leadership of St. Petersburg one of his best friends sits (I will not say who promised not to touch it), before At the time I will not take you. And after that, having signed up with a volunteer on his own, with weapons in his hands to go to the Bakhmut, ”Prigozhin wrote in his Telegram channel.

according to him, there are no minuses here.

“Of course, there is a chance to die, but in this situation you will be next to skulls and other attributes that you like to talk about forever. And show your necrophilic talents completely. Therefore, this is also a more plus,” Prigozhin wrote.

The founder of the PMC listed the pluses: “You will see the situation from the inside with your own eyes, you will be in the atmosphere of death, after that you can start writing memoirs, there will be something. I would even invest in your show. Imagine you die at the front , and the show “The dead Nevzorov begins with you. He always knew what he was talking about. “Alexander Glebovich, we are waiting for you!”, Said Prigozhin.

In his opinion, Nevzorov “already regretted” that “I was planning for money from abroad, because the loss of Russian business is more painful”: “It would be better if they were sitting, silent and, as before, criticized secondary figures.”

Today, the Basmanny Court of Moscow in absentia sentenced Nevzorov to 8 years in a general regime colony. It is also forbidden to administer Internet resources within 4 years after serving the sentence.

The Russian authorities accuse Nevzorov of spreading “fakes” about the Russian army. On April 22, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included Nevzorov in the register of “foreign agents”. In early May, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation announced the journalist on the wanted list.

Currently, the journalist is abroad and does not disclose his location. In June, it became known that he received Ukrainian citizenship.