Prigozhin suggested “catching, teaching and sending” to war son -in -law Shoigu

The son -in -law of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu, Alexei Stolyarov, launched under the antivonous post of journalist Yuri Dudia. After the media drew attention to this, Stolyarov began to deny that the post baked. This is reported by Meduza.

It is claimed that Like Stolerov appeared under the recording of Dudia on Instagram dedicated to the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Soon, Like under the post of Dudia disappeared, Stolyarov himself on his Instagram stated that “nothing Laikal.” “Do not let us manipulate with a photoshop …”, he wrote.

At the same time, some Russian publications found that earlier Stolyarov bled the other two posts on the Instagram of Dudia. He laid one like interview with director Alexander Molochnikov, the second – an interview with the editor -in -chief of Novaya Gazeta Dmitry Muratov.

The Like Zolarova was also noticed by the founder of the Wagner PMC Evgeny Prigozhin. “We need to catch Stolyarov and bring him to me. I will teach him for six weeks … I will help him to correct him by sending him to hostilities,” the businessman said.

Prigozhin in recent weeks regularly publicly criticizes the Ministry of Defense and its leadership, including Shoigu personally.