Prime Minister Kosovo announced stabilization of situation in north of republic

In the poplitas, Leposavich, Zvezdin and Zubin-stream in the north of Kosovo, who are inhabited mainly by the Serbs, at the moment, the situation remains calm. This was announced in social networks by Prime Minister Kosovo Albin Kurti.

The situation in the region worsened on Friday, when the confrontation arose between security forces and ethnic Serbs, trying to prevent the local administrations of the Albanians who won the local elections in the buildings of local administrations.

Kuty thanked the Kosovo police for professional actions under the current conditions and efforts to protect the rule of law.

“They again proved readiness to be fearlessly and with honor to serve in the name of ensuring a multi -ethnic security environment and law and order, despite the difficult conditions provoked by groups controlled by the financial and political structures operating in this region of the country,” Kurti wrote.

“We recognize and understand the fears expressed by our international partners. But any other option would be equal to our government to fail to fulfill its constitutional obligations to new mayors. This would make it impossible to provide municipal services to citizens,” he continued.

The prime minister called on all citizens of Kosovo, primarily ethnic Serbs, to cooperation with “new multi -ethnic, multicultural, multi -language and multi -party mayors and their teams.” “They were chosen not against anyone, but in the name of service for the benefit of everyone,” the politician said.

Curtain also noted that all roads in the north of Kosovo are cleared and unlocked.