Prime Minister of Albania: Erdogan makes special contribution to development of Turkey

Albanian Prime Minister Eddie Rama gave high the leadership qualities of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Speaking at the Delphic Economic Forum in Greece, Rama expressed an opinion on many regional issues, including the topic of relations with Turkey.

Albanian prime minister emphasized that President Erdogan makes a special contribution to the development of his country.

“Erdogan’s policy has greatly changed the appearance of Turkey. Of course, various opinions can be expressed, but before discussing them, I must say that the EU behavior regarding Ankara is very controversial,” said Rama.

The head of the government recalled that Brussels promised Turkey EU membership after the relevant reforms, but as a result, Ankara was “left outside the door.” “At the same time, the fact that Turkey was at the head of Erdogan or not is important from the point of view of European security. The European Union must seriously perceive the Turkish factor,” the politician emphasized.

Eddie Rama also spoke about personal friendly relations with the Turkish leader.