Prime Minister of Estonia: Caring around world can be expressed in one word “war”

The concerns of Estonia and the whole world can be expressed in one word “war”, said Estonian Prime Minister Kai Kallas at an event dedicated to the 106th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

“Unfortunately, the world consists not only of bright moments and problems – both in Estonia and around the world. In general, our concerns and cares of the whole world can be expressed in one word -” war ” – cites the words of the head of Estonia Cabinet National Broadcasting Company Err.

According to Callas, it is obvious that the tightening of the conflict serves as Russia’s interests, and among the supporters of Ukraine is fatigue from the conflict and this is noticeable among politicians and among the population of various countries.

“Every time you hear that our people are without pants, and even the latest money is given to Ukrainians, you can be sure that in fact we are not talking about pants and not about the last cent. We are talking about inciting indifference and xenophobia “, – said Callas.

Callas recalled that the president of Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict has been asking for Western countries, including Estonia for help, support and solidarity.

“He did not ask us to shed blood or risk our lives. He asks us to be ready to abandon some comfort. We have an unpleasant neighbor, but we purposefully work to ensure that he never dares to disturb us. We clearly know that we need do and do it, ”concluded the head of government.