Prime Minister of Great Britain: “The Golden Era of Relations with China is over”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that the so-called “golden era” of relations with China came to an end, noting that a systematic challenge to the interests and values ​​of Britain from Beijing is becoming more and more acute.

According to the Voice of America radio, Sunak said that Britain’s approach to China should change, and Beijing “consciously fights for a global influence using all the levers of state power.”

“Let’s clarify: the so -called” golden era “ended, as well as the naive idea that trade will lead to social and political reforms,” ​​said the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

“We admit that China is a systematic challenge to our values ​​and interests, a challenge that is becoming more acute as Beijing is moving towards even greater authoritarianism,” Sunak said, referring to the BBE television company. -and that one of their journalists was attacked by the Chinese police.

“Of course, we cannot simply ignore the meaning of China in world affairs – for global economic stability or problems such as climate change. USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and many others also understand this,” added the British prime minister.

Sunak said that under his leadership, Great Britain would not choose the status quo and will resist international competitors based not on “rhetoric, but on solid pragmatism.”