Prime Minister Of India Told Russian Federation “a Friend Who Comes To Rescue Of Any Circumstances”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for his efforts aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between countries, and also called the Russian Federation “a friend who comes to the rescue under any circumstances.”

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According to Indian media, Modi, as part of a visit to Moscow, met with the Indian diaspora.

According to the prime minister, Russia “friend and reliable ally of India, who will come to the rescue under any circumstances.” In addition, Modi noted that relations between the two countries will develop in a positive way.

Relations between Moscow and New Delhi are based on a strong basis and mutual trust, ”he stressed.

On the eve of the residence of the Russian President Novo-Ogars, the residence of the Russian President, an informal meeting of Vladimir Putin with the Prime Minister of India took place. Putin, during informal communication with Narendra Modi, drove his guest in an electric car through the residence. The Russian leader showed the guest a personal fleet with fir trees, pine trees, deciduous trees, flower beds and alpine slides. In addition, Putin and Modi visited the stable and fed horses. On July 9, the main part of the visit is planned – official Russian -Indian negotiations. Negotiations will be held both in a narrow and expanded composition.