Problem is “dry” will solve without trial

The problem of closing the Jewish agency “Dry” in Russia can be resolved without trial, writes Walla.

On August 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli President Yitzhak Duke talked on the phone. Among other things, they discussed the situation around “dry.” After that, the assistant to the Israeli Prime Minister for National Security, Aille Hulat called colleagues from Moscow. He proposed to postpone the hearing in the case “Dog”, scheduled for August 19, to discuss the ways of resolving the problem.

Recall that earlier the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation asked to liquidate the Jewish agency “Dry”. The court reported that the lawsuit is related to violation by the organization of Russian legislation in the implementation of its activities. On July 28, a preliminary hearing was held in the Moscow court in the case of the closure of the Jewish agency in Russia. Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that the possible closure of the Jewish agency “dry” in Russia could seriously affect the relations of the two countries.