Prosecutor General’s Office about incident in Azerbaijani-Iranian border

May 15 in the territory of the Border Detachment “Gyutepe” of the GPS border troops in the area of ​​the border shop near the village of Gender of the Yardymlinsky district, three unknown persons during the illegal crossing of the state border of the Republic of Azerbaijan to bypass the checkpoints, did not comply with the legal requirements of the border guards, discovered Him fire from firearms, as a result of which the executive duties were killed by the senior lieutenant Samir Avazov and the younger ensign Farid Alimov.

As reported by in the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the border violator was detained, the Iranian citizen Berg Gasanali Novruz oglu.

In fact, a criminal case was initiated under articles 120.2.1, 206.3.2, 234.4.1, 234.4.3, 318.1.

In the course of the inspection of the scene, 3840 grams of marijuana and 95 grams of methamphetamine, imported border violators to the territory of the country, 17715 pills of pregabalin with a potent substance, sleeves from firearms and other material evidence.

During the investigation, Berg Gasanali Novruz Oglu was detained as a suspect and brought to the consequence.