Protection of border of Turkey with Iran is provided by modern technologies

High-tech equipment that provides a multi-kilometer concrete wall in the agra province border with Iran, in the clock mode ensures the safety of the section of the Turkish-Iranian border.

The construction of a multi -kilometer concrete wall on the state border was completed in 2020.

The border wall is controlled around the clock with optical-electronic towers, heat-and-imaging cameras that can rotate 360 ​​degrees around the axis, as well as up and down to 40 degrees, lighting system and seismic sensors.

Sensors and cameras fix any movement, allowing you to quickly prevent attempts to violate state border, both illegal migrants and smugglers, and PKK terrorists.

ANADOLA filming grouped the wall with drones.

The Governor of the Province of Agra Osman Varol said that the 87-kilometer border with Iran into the province of Agra provides protection against illegal entry of migrants, including from Afghanistan.

According to him, comprehensive measures have been taken to ensure the protection of the border. “The modular border wall was built approximately 84 km of borders. The wall has a height of about 3 meters, it also has a meter barbed wire. This is not just a wall, it is a comprehensive border protection system. There is an asphalt road and lighting system on the inside. CCTV cameras. CCTVs of video surveillance With the possibility of night vision and thermal imaging sensors are installed right by the wall, ”he said.

Varol noted that thanks to the measures taken, it was possible to strengthen the security of the borders.

“Construction ended in 2020, it made a huge contribution to security. Since the beginning of the year, it was possible to prevent 13,800 attempts to illegally cross the border. 2,250 illegal migrants were already detained in Turkey,” he said.