Putin: Any intervention from outside of Russian Federation considers as aggressive actions against country

Russia regards any intervention from outside as aggressive actions against the country, and in accordance with this will be reacted accordingly. This was said by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking on video communications at the plenary session of the World Russian People’s Council. The central theme of the forum dedicated to 30- The education of the organization, is “the present and future of the Russian world.”

“I want to emphasize: we regard any intervention from the outside, in order to cause interethnic or inter -religious conflicts as aggressive actions against our country, as an attempt to abandon Russia with terrorism and extremism as an instrument of struggle with us, and we, in accordance with this appropriate way We will react, ”said the Russian leader.

According to Putin, today Russophobia and other forms of racism and neo -Nazism are almost the official ideology of the Western ruling elites.

“They are directed not only against Russian, but against all the peoples of Russia – Tatars, Chechens, Avars, Tuvans, Bashkirs, Buryats, Yakuts, Ossetians, Jews, Ingush, Mari, Altai. I will not call us many, now we will not call us all, now. But I repeat – this is directed against all the peoples of Russia, ”Putin emphasized.

The Russian leader noted that the West does not need “such a large and multinational country as Russia.”

“Our diversity and unity of cultures, traditions, languages, ethnic groups simply do not fit into the logic of Western racists and colonialists, into their brutal scheme of total depersonalization, separation and operation. Therefore, they again launched the old” barmark “: they say, Russia – This is a “prison of peoples”, and the Russians themselves are the “people of the slaves.” They heard it many times over the centuries. They also heard that Russia, it turns out, we need to “decolonize” today. But in fact, what they need is to be divided and plunder Russia. It doesn’t work out by force – then sow the troubles, ”the president said.

According to the Russian leader, the power of the Russian Federation lies in the variety of cultures, traditions, and customs, since the “multiplicity” of the country is a huge competitive advantage and potential. “We must constantly strengthen it, protect this diverse agreement, our general property,” the president emphasized.

Putin noted that “without a sovereign, strong Russia, no strong, stable world order is impossible”.

“We are now fighting for the freedom of not only Russia, but the whole world. We openly say that the dictatorship of one hegemon – we see it, everyone is just seeing it – it is decrepit. It has gone, as they say, there is a hazardous and simply dangerous for others This is already clear to the entire world majority. But I repeat, it is our country that is now at the forefront of the formation of a more fair world order, ”the President of the Russian Federation says.