“Putin applauds”: Bayden criticized “peaceful plan” of China

The “peace plan” proposed by China for the diplomatic settlement of the conflict of Russia and Ukraine is beneficial only to the Kremlin, US President Joe Biden said in an interview with ABC News on Saturday, January 25.

“Putin applauds, since this plan can be good. I did not see in terms of anything indicating that there is something that would be beneficial to anyone except Russia,” Biden reports Deutsche Welle .

According to the American president, the very idea that China will negotiate the end of the war, “which is absolutely unfair for Ukraine,” is simply irrational. “

During an interview, the journalist ABC News asked the US President what actions the White House would take if Beijing begins to supply weapons to Moscow. Biden said that he “does not expect” from China such an “initiative”, but in the event of its occurrence, the United States would “react”.

“As well as if any other crosses this line. Speaking differently, we have introduced tough sanctions against everyone who did it,” the American leader said.

February 23, Spiegel said that the Russian military is negotiating with the Chinese manufacturer of Bingo drones. According to the publication, the company plans to supply components in the Russian Federation for assembling the ZT-180 drones, which can carry a warhead weighing up to 50 kg. In their design, they can resemble the Iranian BPLS Shahed-136, which the Russian Federation uses for attacks on civilian infrastructure objects in Ukraine. Beijing officially denies cooperation with the Russian Federation in the field of supply and creation of weapons.