Putin: BRICS overtook “large seven” by parity of purchasing power

Putin said that Brix overtook the “large seven” by the parity of purchasing power and reached one fourth share of world GDP.

President Vladimir Putin, on the video, spoke to the participants in the business forum of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) in Johannesburg.

“The share of the countries of the associations in which more than 3 billion people live in the world GDP almost 26%, and the” Five “by the Pyatnik Parity by the group of Seven: the forecast for 2023 – 31.5 versus 30%” – said Putin.

The President of Russia noted that the country advocates establishing a denser interaction within the framework of BRICS on the issue of reliable and uninterrupted support for world markets with energy and food resources.

In his opinion, “the objective, irreversible process of deadllarization of our economic ties is gaining strength,” the share of the American currency in the calculations between the BRICS countries is reduced and in 2022 was 28.7%. The President noted the growing volume of agro -products exports from Russia: last year 11.5 million tons of such cargo were delivered to Africa, and almost 10 million tons of the first six months of 2023,

and this despite the illegal sanctions introduced against us, which seriously complicate the export of Russian food, complicate transport logistics, insurance and wiring of bank payments, ”Putin emphasized.

“We make a significant contribution to the strengthening of global food and energy security, to solving acute humanitarian problems, in the fight against hunger and poverty in needing countries,” the president continued.

He recalled his words of his readiness to replace the grain from Ukraine both on a commercial basis and in the form of “gratuitous assistance to needing states.” “Moreover, this year we have an excellent crop again this year. As a first step, we decided to send 25-50 thousand tons of grain to six African countries for free,” he said. Putin added that Russia will also provide free shipping of goods, the corresponding negotiations with partners are going to complete.