Putin called on Russian businessmen not to get involved only in domestic market

Russia – no matter how our enemies want – is an integral participant in the global economy, where there is now a deep, cardinal transformation, trade and production chains, a world financial and calculated system are changing. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a meeting with members of the All -Russian Public Organization “Business Russia”.

According to him, today Russian business, including small and medium -sized companies, actively master niches in the domestic market, which are freed after the departure of some Western brands.

However, the president noted that, with all the importance and significance of the domestic market, you can not close only on it, as this leads to self -isolation, Autarchy and the loss of competitiveness.

“The dynamic countries of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America are louder than themselves. They have consumer standards, new requests for goods, services, technologies appear. Due to their scale and huge prospects, this is a real market of the future. And It is in this market that the Russian business – young, flexible, but already with good hardening – can successfully compete, fight for the buyer. This is actually happening, ”said Putin.

At the same time, the Russian leader noted the existence of problems in the Russian economy in the medium term.

Yes, there are problems, we see them – in the medium term. We understand what is happening there. Eatrust, components – we understand everything. But nevertheless, the chains are restored, the work is going on. It is amazing. Even for me, ” – – The president noted.

affecting the theme of the future of the country, Putin emphasized that Russia knows what he wants, since it has huge resources.

“As for the future, it, in fact, has everyone, only it is different, this is a key question. And I’m sure that Russia has a good future. Firstly, because we know what we want and know , what means do we achieve our goals. Secondly, we have huge resources, primarily human resources, human resources, ”the president emphasized.