Putin: In Russian Federation, about 50 thousand receive higher education

At the moment in Russia, about 50 thousand Chinese citizens receive higher education. In turn, about 16 thousand Russians study in the PRC. And this is not the limit. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a visit to the Harbin Polytechnic University, where he met with Chinese and Russian students and university teachers.

“During yesterday’s negotiations with the chairman of Xi Jinping, we state with satisfaction that scientific and educational cooperation takes one of the priority places in the development of the entire complex of Russian-Chinese relations, a comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction. In these words, I also want to turn to This is attention, great meaning: it is a comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation, interaction, ”Putin said.

According to him, 167 bilateral educational programs are carried out in China and Russia, 28 institutions with Russian participation are operating.

“in total, 12 inter -university associations are operating between our countries, including about 600 educational institutions. The largest is the Association of Technical Universities of Russia and the PRC, which unites 40 Russian and 36 Chinese universities. By the way, it includes the Harbin Polytechnic”, it includes “, it includes”. – said the President of the Russian Federation.

He noted that in 2023, 34 thousand educational visas were issued by Russian and Chinese consular institutions, which is twice as much as in 2022.

“Harbin University is a forge of personnel for the nuclear industry of the PRC. And, by the way, its graduates are actively participating in the implementation of Rosatom’s projects for the construction of Russian design power units at the Tianwan nuclear power plant and nuclear power plants” Syudapa “, – said Putin.

According to him, the new nuclear units after commissioning will make a noticeable contribution to the energy supply of China and will supply Chinese enterprises, households inexpensive and pure energy.

“In the immediate plans of the Russian -Chinese applied scientific cooperation, the implementation and other breakthrough megasayens projects, which are not able to alone in the world in the world,” says Putin.

“there are good tanks in such high -tech areas as the use of artificial intelligence in various sectors of the economy, processing of big data, quantum computing. Russia and China together do a lot in the field of nature protection, protecting biodiversity and counteracting climatic changes,” he added.

Putin at the invitation of the chairman of China Xi Jinping arrived in the Chinese People’s Republic with a two -day state visit. The second day of the visit of the President of the Russian Federation to China continues in Harbin.

This is the first visit of the Russian president abroad after the inauguration. On Putin’s trip, one of the largest delegations in the history of two -sided meetings of two leaders will be accompanied. It includes, including the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Secretary of the Security Council Sergey Shoigu and the new Minister of Defense Andrei Belousov.