Putin noted importance of mutual trust and manifestation of respect in financial sphere

The world is gradually getting rid of the dictatorship of such a financial and economic model, “the goal of which is only to drive into debts, into bondage, turn into economic colonies, and deprive entire regions of the world for development.” This was reported by Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the III International Financial Security Olympiad.

According to the Russian leader, such a future may not like such a future. “And therefore, the process of building precisely a multipolar world order, more democratic, honest, fair for most humanity is simply inevitable, historically necessary,” he said.

Putin drew attention to the fact that the countries that dispose of world currencies are at the head of the “financial pyramid”, which does not correspond to the interests of most humanity.

The Russian president also criticized those who assign other people’s assets.

“That is, no third party has any opportunity for abuse and in order to interfere with payments. Including blocking, for example, a deal, arrest accounts, assign someone else’s money or assets. And this, unfortunately, is It happens in the modern world. There are very young people here. But I can tell you that self-confident adults do this, uncles and aunts, who, apparently, do not differ in great mind if they perform such erroneous actions that ultimately go The count for themselves to the detriment of it, ”said Putin.

Further, the President of the Russian Federation expressed confidence that in the West there are many supporters who share the views of Russia, but they “behave quieter”

Yes, people who believe that traditional values, including family ones, have died, they behave very aggressively, especially in North America and Europe, but there are quite a lot of people who share our views in European countries. I would say – a lot, ”the president said.

In addition, Putin noted the importance of mutual trust and manifestation of respect in the financial sphere.

“You know well that now in the financial sector there is a rapid development of advanced solutions, advanced technologies. These are digital currency, digital financial assets, new payment services and models of financial calculations. Including using the technology of blockchains, the so -called distributed register . I would like to say once again that in this area, especially when it comes to international economic cooperation, mutual trust and respect for partners, the interests of each other are extremely important, ”he said. P>

The International Financial Security Olympiad has been held annually since 2021 at the initiative of Rosfinmonitoring.