Putin “shares pain” of mothers of mobilized

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the mothers of mobilized Russians who are involved in the war with Ukraine. Russian media write about this.

The event was attended by 17 women from different regions of Russia. Their sons participate, were wounded or died at the front.

The Russian president assured that he himself and the entire leadership of the country share the pain of mothers who have lost their sons during the fighting. He called the participants of the “special military operation” by the heroes.

During the meeting, Vladimir Putin said that one cannot believe information from the Internet, because there is a “bunch of fakes and information attacks.”

“It is clear that life is more complicated and more diverse than what is shown on the screens of the TV or even on the Internet, there can not be trusted there at all, there are a bunch of all kinds of fakes, deception, lies. There were a lot of information attacks, it has always been like this , but taking into account modern technologies, this has become especially relevant and effective, ”said the head of Russia.

He added that “information is also a weapon of struggle, information attacks are one of the types, quite effective types of struggle.”