Putin: Strategic nuclear forces of Russian Federation are “in state of full readiness”

The strategic nuclear forces of Russia are “in a state of full readiness.” This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing the annual traditional message to the Federal Assembly.

“The so -called West with its colonial habits, the habit of inciting national conflicts around the world seeks not only to restrain our development – instead of Russia, they need a dependent, fading, enduring space where they can do anything. In fact, they would like to do it. To do with Russia the same thing that was created in many other regions of the world, including in Ukraine: to bring a discord to our house, to weaken from the inside, ”said the President of the Russian Federation.

According to the president, Russia will not allow anyone to intervene in its internal affairs.

At the same time, Putin ️ called the “unfounded screeches” of the statement of allegedly plans of the Russian Federation to place nuclear weapons in space, as well as “delirium” allegations that Russia was preparing to attack Europe.

The President of the Russian Federation warned that the consequences for possible interventionists in Russia would be much more tragic than in past eras.

“We remember the fate of those who once directed their contingents to the territory of our country. But now the consequences for possible interventionists will be much more tragic,” he said.

The President of the Russian Federation also announced the readiness of Moscow for dialogue with the United States in strategic stability.

“We have every reason to believe that the words of today’s American authorities about supposedly interest in negotiations with us on strategic stability are demagogy on the eve of the US presidential election. They simply want to show their citizens, and all the rest that They still rule the world, ”said Putin.