Putin: Terrorists are tightened to Afghanistan … threat of Central Asia and Transcaucasus

“The terrorists from Iraq and Syria are tightened to Afghanistan, they can try to destabilize the situation in the CIS countries, so you need to continuously monitor the situation on the border,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin during communication with representatives of the CIS countries.

“from Iraq, Syria is actively tightened by militants with hosting experience. Therefore, it is possible that terrorists can try to destabilize the situation in neighboring states, including the CIS countries, up to the start of direct expansion,” he said

“In this regard, it is important to keep continuous monitoring of the situation on the Afghan border and be ready to counteract the militants, and for this coordinate the work of power structures, if necessary, carry out joint special operations,” Putin said.

“The situation in Afghanistan is not easy, you yourself know it perfectly well. After the final withdrawal of American troops, the power passed into the hands of the Taliban, which establish their own rules, their own rules. At the same time, a number of international groups from ISIL continues to operate in the country, – said Putin.

Head of State noted that the potential threats arising for Central Asia, Transcaucasia and other regions were discussed in detail at the CSTO and SCO summits in September of this year. “We will certainly consider this topic and on the upcoming CIS summit,” Putin added.