Putin: Why is United States, and we can not?

CNBC TV channel Hedley Gamble asked Vladimir Putin to assure the public in the fact that the Nobel Peace Prize winner, the chief editor of the New Gazette Dmitry Muratov, will not be declared a foreign agent. She added that Muratov himself fears this.

“If he does not break the Russian law, and he will not give an occasion to be declared as a foreign agent, it means that it will not be. And if it is hiding behind the Nobel Prize as a shield, in order to do what violas the Russian law. So, he will go to it consciously to attract attention or for some other considerations, “Putin said, adding that, regardless of merit,” you need to execute Russian laws. “

he also noted that the law on the inaagents was invented not in Russia, but in the United States in the 1930s, and is still used, including in relation to Russian media. “Why in the US can, and we can not. And there, and we are done only with one goal – to protect the internal political processes from influence from outside. And foreign guides, they are not prohibited not a political nor other activity, they simply must Register as such, “said Russian President.