Rafael Physiev in Baku: “For four days he ate five rams …”

Azerbaijani UFC fighter Rafael Physiev is in Baku these days. Recall, on July 10, he first went to battle in the UFC under the flag of Azerbaijan and knocked out the Brazilian Rafael Dos Anios.

Today a press conference was held with the participation of an athlete. Rafael began the event, again apologizing for not yet saying in Azerbaijani, but promised to learn for sure.

“For me, the honor and pride of raising the flag of Azerbaijan in the UFC, – he says.” Why did I decide to play for Azerbaijan? My blood contributed to this. That’s why! This is the most important thing. We did not fully announce it because we did not announce it because They wanted to make a surprise before my battle.

After the fight, I underwent surgery. Now I am recovering. I plan to spend the next fight at the end of the year or at the beginning of the next.

I spend the main time at the training camp in Thailand. There I work as a coach. There are plans to transport the family to Azerbaijan and spend your free time here.

In Baku, I met with the Minister of Youth and Sports Farid Gaabov. He congratulated me. We talked a lot. Perhaps in the future we will try to organize the evening of UFC battles in Azerbaijan and my battle will be the main one.

How do I feel about Nariman Abbasov, who also concluded a contract with the UFC? Nariman is my brother, we are well acquainted, trained together in Thailand. He has everything to adequately represent Azerbaijan. Nariman is a strong fighter. I look forward to his September battle. I will cheer for him. “

In Baku, Rafael Physiev attended the match of the Champions League “Karabakh” – “Ferencvarosh”. He also really likes Azerbaijani cuisine.

“I once visited football as a policeman. That is, I was my back to the field. Therefore, I had new sensations at the Karabakh match. I was surprised that the Azerbaijani club was playing at this level.

Azerbaijani cuisine? I can’t restrain myself here in food. I eat a lot. For four days, I probably ate five rams (laughter in the hall).

Baku is a beautiful city rich in its history. Everything is fine here!

What advice can I give young fighters? I always tell them. You need to go forward, go out of the comfort zone, take risks. No need to sit in one place, and then there will be success! “.