Recognition of Boris Johnson: met without witnesses with Russian oligarch

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson informed the parliament members that he had meetings without witnesses from among other officials with Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev, who did not hide that he had been working in the KGB, BBC reports.

“I definitely met with him without officials. I met a matter of times,” the British prime minister said on the day he is experiencing an acute political crisis.

The question was whether he met with Lebedev in Italy in 2018, when he still served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Boris Johnson also answered in the affirmative.

Boris Johnson answered the parliament of the lady-commandor of the Order of the British Empire, a member of the Labor Party and the Committee for the House of Commons of Diana Johnson (namesake, but not a relative of the prime minister). “Of course, I met with a gentleman, which was discussed and which was the owner of the London newspaper Evening Standard at the time when I was the mayor of London,” the Prime Minister said. “If we are talking about the case that you mention when I was when I was Minister of Foreign Affairs, then yes, I met. “