Referendum on entry of Moldova in EU will be held on October 20

A referendum on Moldova’s entry into the European Union may take place on October 20, the Constitutional Court of the Republic recognized it by the relevant basic law of the country.

This was announced on April 16 by Moldova President Maya Sandu.

“The Constitutional Court decided – a referendum on the entry into the EU is constitutional, it can take place on October 20,” Sandu wrote on the social network Facebook.

The head of state noted that citizens in a referendum will be asked the question: are you for the entry of Moldova to the European Union?.

“The republic needs” unity, the participation of each party, a public organization, a citizen “to guarantee peace and prosperity of Moldavan,” she stressed.

She added that “having united for European Moldova, we will succeed in achieving our common goal – so that Moldovans live in peace, dignity and freedom in a strong European country.”