Representatives of Azerbaijan will be appointed to NATO military associations

“Representatives of the Azerbaijani army will be appointed to the military associations of NATO and Turkey.” This was announced in an interview with Azertaj by the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, Colonel General Zakir Hasanov.

He noted that, given the needs of the Azerbaijani army, based on the relations of Azerbaijan-NATO and bilateral cooperation, a sufficient number of Azerbaijanis study in military educational institutions of other countries in various specialties.

According to him, the most important tasks of the Azerbaijani army have now been identified, and in the near future it is planned to increase the number of posts of the partnership of the country of NATO.

“As a result of this increase, representatives of the Azerbaijani army will be appointed to the positions of a headquarters for regional coordination in the military partnership department of the military-civil relations and military partnerships of the United Forces in the Dutch city of Brunsum and the headquarters officer on the concept of operational capabilities of the Militarry Command in the Ground Forces in Turkish Izmir, ”concluded Gasanov.