Republican senator called on Biden to provide Ukraine F-16 and NASAMS

American Republican Senator Jim Rish called on US Presidential Administration Joe Biden to provide Ukraine F-16 fighters, as well as supply more NASAMS air defense systems. The Republican told about this by European Pravda in the fields of the Galifak Security Forum in Canada, where he arrived at the head of the delegation of the American Congress.

“I met with Ukrainian pilots and I believe that they can use the F -16. Yes, you need a certain training, but there are no serious problems,” Rish said, noting that he constantly transfers his recommendations to the White House.

“Someone says:” Oh, this will lead to escalation. “But listen, when we fought in Vietnam and Korea, the Russians provided both planes and pilots for our opponents! It is time to answer them the same. I am completely ready to vote for such a step, ”said the American senator.

Rish assured that most members of the Republican Party supports Ukraine, and those units that oppose the provision of military assistance to Ukraine, make high -profile statements often in order to gain better fame.