Resident of Uzbekistan was transplanted liver in Turkey

In Istanbul, a transplantation of 43-year-old resident of Uzbekistan, Serdar Kamalov, was successfully conducted in Istanbul, taken from his 33-year-old wife Nargiz Kamalova.

transplantation was carried out by a professor, Camille Yalchin Polat in one of the private clinics of the Turkish metropolis.

Sardar from childhood suffered from hepatitis B. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with “liver failure”.

in his homeland.

The Kamalov spouses have two children. Sardar by profession is a lawyer, and Nargiz is a nurse.

In an interview with an ANADOLA agency, Sardar said that after long thoughts, he and his wife decided to make a transplant in Turkey.

“I was also interested in information about the transplantation of the liver in other countries. Since I live in Uzbekistan and have Turkic origin, Turkey seemed closer to me. Before coming to Turkey, we met in Uzbekistan with patients who were made in this country The transplant operation, they recommended that I conduct an operation in Turkey.

After they made a choice, his wife without hesitation agreed to become a donor.

Nargiz Kamalova expressed gratitude to Professor Pulat and the entire medical staff of the clinic for a high level of professionalism and care.

According to her, at the end of the recovery period, he and her spouse plan to visit Istanbul again.