Residents of Libyan turf are waiting for news of missing relatives

Families of thousands of missing residents of the Libyan city of Dern, who suffered from strong flood, will be expected to be expected about their relatives.

After the lamp, the house in the turf was destroyed, over 11 thousand people died, and more than 20 thousand were missing.

A quarter of a city with a 100,000th population was erased from the face of the earth. Agricultural lands were also flooded.

After the majority of the elements survived during the rampant left the sod, it turned into a ghost city.

Search and rescue teams are trying to discover the bodies of the dead. The work is complicated by the fact that the city does not have electrical and water supply.

Rescuers from Turkey, Russia, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Algeria and the UAE are involved in the works.

A resident of Dern Nasir Ibrahim Gul told Anadol that his son, daughter -in -law and four grandchildren were missing during the flood.

According to the man, he is in contact with several search and rescue units in Skin and other places about the missing relatives, but there is no information about them yet.

The family members of another inhabitant of Dern – Mustafa Shairi and family.

“My cousin, together with my wife and nine children, disappeared during the flood. We have not found them yet,” Shairi said.

On September 10, the north-east of Libya attacked the powerful Daniel cyclone. He brought a storm wind and storms with thunderstorms located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.