Residents of Ukraine continue to return to territories controlled by Kyiv

Residents of the regions annexed by Russia return to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian army, settling in safe areas.

The humanitarian corridor was created in 2022 amid the ongoing armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which began on February 24.

The humanitarian corridor is functioning on the border of the Sumy region of Ukraine with the Belgorod region of Russia. Ukrainians can return to Kiev controlled by Kyiv through the village of Kolotilovka (Belgorod region) and Pokrovka (Sumy region). Through this corridor, the exchange of prisoners of war and bodies of the dead military is also carried out.

Ukrainians returning to the territories controlled by Ukrainian military, are ongoing inspection by the Security Service of Ukraine in the Sumy region.

Upon completion of the necessary checks, volunteer brigades deliver civilians to Kyiv and Kharkov, after which they go to safe Ukrainian regions.


In an interview with Anadol, the head of the Charitable Organization of Ukraine Vitaliy Dmitryuk said that the residents of the Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, as well as the Crimea annexed in the Sumy region, used the humanitarian corridor.

According to the head of the charitable organization, these citizens were first sent to Russia.

“Residents of these regions within two weeks after arrival in Russia should decide where they should go further. These people are informed that they will be sent to Ukraine or to the remote regions of Russia, such as Tula and Dagestan, as part of the refugee resettlement program That is why they are shocking and do not understand what to do, ”Dmitryuk said.

The head of the charity organization said that in partnership with a number of humanitarian organizations, citizens arrived in Ukraine come to Ukraine through Russia, and from there they are already delivered to Kyiv and Kharkov.

Dmitryuk noted that the routes in question are determined by the Ukrainian administration.

“We meet the arrivals and deliver them to Kharkov. After cash payments, we deliver people to the station at the destination. Every day through the humanitarian corridor pass from 100 to 150 people. We meet on average from 30 to 40 people. Our organization is assisted About 600 people a month, ”said the head of the charity organization.

In turn, a resident of Ukraine, Gagauzka Elena Gulienko, said that she came to Kharkov from the city of Alchevsk controlled by Russia in the Luhansk region.

According to Gagauzka, she was born in the capital of the Gagauz autonomous region of Moldova – Komrat.

“I got married in 1988 and moved to Alchevsk. I lived in the occupation for 9 years. I went through a very difficult process. My family lost everything, my children stayed on the street. They left Alchevsk. I did not want them to stay there. I also had to leave there, ”Gulienko recalls.