Return of Dragon ship with Axiom-3 team was again transferred to Earth

The return of the Dragon spacecraft with the Axiom-3 team, which includes the Turkish astronaut of the Alper Geezeravji, was again transferred due to adverse weather conditions off the coast of Florida.

This is stated in the SPACEX message posted on the social network x.

“Due to the ongoing unfavorable weather off the coast of Florida, Dragon is suspended after the uniforms from the International Space Station on Tuesday. The spacecraft and AX-3 crew remain healthy, and the teams will continue to monitor weather conditions for the following possibility of disintections,”- The message says.

The launch of the ship-launch vehicle Falcon 9 by SpaceX was carried out from the Kennedy space center in the American state of Florida January 18, at 16:49 in time of the east coast of the United States (January 19, at 00:49 Turkish time).

The AX-3 crew includes Michael Lopez Alegria (USA), Wilter Villadei (Italy), Marcus Wandt (Sweden) and Alpere Hezeravji.

The return of the ship was scheduled for the third of February, but subsequently transferred to the fifth of February, and then to the sixth of February due to unfavorable weather conditions on the coast of Florida.