RF: West ignores signals about danger of spread of weapons supplied to Kyiv

Western countries ignore all the sobering signals of Russia about the danger of the spread of weapons supplied by Kyiv around the world. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, speaking at the XI Moscow Conference on International Security.

“Today, the USA and NATO, the European Union for the sake of saving its geopolitical project to contain Russia, the split of the Russian world is pumping Ukraine with more and more modern weapons, more and more incite the conflict, provoking the uncontrolled creep of [weapons] around the world,” the head said Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

“All our sobering signals are ignored or in a rude way are distorted for propaganda purposes,” he emphasized. “Many facts have already been presented on this score,” the minister continued. “[West] irresponsibly and significantly increases the threat of a direct military clash of nuclear powers.”

At the same time, according to Lavrov, it is obvious that “an attempt to break Russia with the hands of Ukrainian Nazis is an element of a strategic course on resuscitation of a single -polar world order.” “The same goal is pursued in other regions where any disagreement becomes an object of threats and blackmail to eliminate obstacles to Washington’s hegemonic plans,” the head of Russian diplomacy concluded.

Lavrov noted that Russia appreciates the efforts of the Global South countries in promoting the search for realistic ways to resolve the Ukrainian conflict.

“We value the sincere interest of China, Brazil, the South African Republic, Egypt, India, other countries of the global south in the assistance of the search for fair, realistic ways to settle, the president of [the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin] said this more than once,” said Foreign Minister.

According to Lavrov, it is fundamentally important that the relevant sentences are based on a clear understanding of the true causes and nature of what is happening as a consequence of the West undermining the principle of index security.

At the same time, the Russian Foreign Minister drew attention to that Kiev and its Western sponsors are trying to “really bloom other countries to support the so -called formula of the world [President of Ukraine Vladimir] Zelensky,” the essence of which is in an ultimatical demand to return Ukraine to borders 1991 years.

“I would like to call everyone who is lured into this game, to remember that the Kiev regime openly produced the task of destroying everything Russian in the territories that have not been controlled by him now. This is what means the requirement to return Ukraine to the borders of 1991,” – Lavrov explained.