Richest man India was accused of major scam

On Tuesday, January 24, the Hindenburg Research research company published a report in which the Adani Gautam Adani Coop conglomerate in numerous financial violations accused. The report in one day reduced the cost of Adani’s business empire by $ 12 billion, writes Bloomberg. Hindenburg hopes that this is only the beginning.

Analysts said that the report is the result of a two -year investigation of manipulation of shares and fraud in the field of accounting. The company also claims that these actions, which were called the “greatest scam in corporate history”, performed the Indian conglomerate for decades.

Adani Group denies the accusations and studies the possibility of filing a court claim. Hindenburg Research in response to this stated that she was welcoming such a step, since the company is sure that any trials have no reason against it. Earlier, Hindenburg Research analysts have never exposed such large structures as Adani Group.