Rogozin accused Western special services

Former General Director of Roscosmos, leader of the group of military advisers and the Tsarist Wolves Scientific and Technical Center Dmitry Rogozin said that Western special services could be involved in the attempt in December last year.

“The main version that is associated with this attempt, with this terrorist act, is, of course, the operational -sabotage work of Ukrainian agents, and not only Ukrainian. Perhaps the Western intelligence services also helped,” Rogozin said.

On December 22, Rogozin was injured in shelling in Donetsk. In a hotel that fell under fire, he and several more military advisers lived over the past months. The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation said that the shelling was committed by armed Ukrainian formations. As a result of the shelling, two people died. Rogozin himself was transported to the hospital in Moscow.

On January 4, Rogozin said that he intends to return to the front in the Donbass in the middle of the month. He stated that he was discharged from the hospital after the injury, and the fragment extracted from his body “from the Kaesar howitzer shell” sent France to the Russian Federation to be handed over to the French president. In addition, Rogozin said that in Donetsk two members of his detachment “Tsarist Wolves” were killed.