Ruslan Aliyev entrepreneurs: concessions will be, but

General Director of Azerigaz Ruslan Aliyev As part of the Open Microphone campaign, met with a group of greenhouse owners in the village of Tezhend, Salian district.

The press service of was said that within the framework of the action, which is already in the 14th time (4 times in Baku and settlements and 10 times in the regions) “Mobile reception” was at the disposal of local entrepreneurs. At the meeting, 20 greenhouse owners engaged in the production of vegetables were voiced. Entrepreneurs asked the Georgerators to make concessions on debts for the amount of gas consumed last year.

Ruslan Aliyev, in turn, noted that concessions would be, but it is important that entrepreneurs have taken mutual steps in this direction.

CEO said that from now on, representatives of the management of the Association will meet with the owners of the greenhouses until the end of the season and at least once a month, not only in Salyana, but also in other regions.