Russia accumulates chemical weapons reserves

If the Russian army begins to lose positions in Ukraine, Moscow can use chemical weapons in Ukrainian territory. Representatives of the President of the United States Joe Biden are sure of this, reports Politico with reference to sources.

According to them, Washington has no intelligence data proving that such an attack in Ukraine is inevitable. Many Pentagon representatives believe that in the winter months the fighting will slow down, and none of the parties will be able to conquer significant territories.

Despite this, American officials are sure that when the important positions of the battlefield or the large failure of the Russian army, Moscow may resort to the use of chemical weapons.

According to one of the officials, substances that can be easily hidden can be used in such an attack, which will make it difficult to lay guilt in Russia. Experts are aware that some chemicals can be used to attack mass victims – they can be turned into aerosol or used in ammunition to damage a large group of people.

The United States believe that Russia invests in increasing its potential of chemical weapons. According to the assistant member of the American Congress, with whom the journalists spoke, this year, senators were informed about chemical weapons in Russia and the existing threat to Ukraine.