Russia accuses Guterrisha: violated UN Charter

The constant representation of Russia at the UN believes that the UN Secretary General Antoniu Guterres violated Article 100 of the Charter of the organization on the impartiality of actions, announcing the inconsistency of international law to join Russia, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions of Ukraine, Russian media write.

On the eve of Guterres said that if Russia continues to implement its plans for the annexation of four regions of Ukraine, this will mean “dangerous escalation”, which will jeopardize the prospect of establishing peace in the region.

In response to this, Russian diplomats said that if Gutherrish is familiar with the UN Charter, he should know the contents of Article 97, defining the Secretary General as “the main administrative official of the organization.” In addition, Russian diplomats believe, Gutherrish violated another rule of the UN Charter with his statements – Article 100, which provides that the Secretary General and Secretariat “should refrain from any actions that could affect their position as international officials responsible only before the organization “, in other words, they should always act impartially.”